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Supreme Court Justices Give Software Patents A Pass...Zero In On Business Methods

STEVEN IVY P.C. - Supreme Court Justices Give Software Patents A Pass, Zero In O
STEVEN IVY P.C. - PATENT LAW - Attorney Carter Phillips summed up the view of his opponent, as well as that of countless other critics of vaguely drafted business patents: “His basic argument is, whatever you do, just kill this patent,” said Phillips. That’s about the only point of agreement that emerged from the arguments in Alice Bank v. CLS, as the justices wrestled with the philosophical question of when an idea is too abstract to be patented. While many thought this case represented a frontal assault on software patents, the justices spent little time on that. Instead, several openly suggested the time had come for getting rid of business method patents, a move four of the nine justices advocated in the 2010 decision Bilski v. Kappos... READ MORE AT

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