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services focus on
providing a wide range,
services to both EXISTING
and START-UP businesses.


Affordable Patent Advice

Our law firm understands the financial restrictions under which small businesses, and many start-up companies, operate. To better service our small business clients, and to make our services affordable, we have created a flexible pricing system. Depending on the requested services, our clients may choose from four payment structures: 1) one fixed lower early payment; 2) three fixed payments; 3) pay as you go; 4) contingency fee. For further information about our prices and services contact our office, we'll be glad to help.

Patent Applications

STEVEN IVY P.C. helps small business owners to make informed decisions about available patent applications. The firm educates clients on when, what type, and where to file patent applications. We prepare, complete both domestic and international filings. From provisional, to non-provisional, down to internationally-oriented PCT applications, our law firm ensures that all the filings are done correctly and efficiently. Our services also include full support, and if possible, resolution of any issues encountered during the prosecution of patient applications by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent Drawings

It is not unusual, that a small business owner that came up with a patentable idea, is unable to present it in a proper drawing form,  acceptable by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our law firm offers services designed to alleviate this problem. If requested, our firm will prepare all the necessary patent drawings and graphical displays. Once completed, we make sure that all the drawings are done using proper engineering standards, acceptable by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Utility, Design and Plant Patents

Applying for a patent is a costly, and lengthy process, that could last between two and four years. STEVEN IVY P.C. counsels small business owners on all the available patent types, including associated with them costs and benefits. Our in-depth understanding of utility, plant and design patents, allows us to guide our clients towards the most efficient patent completion route. Also, we help our clients to deal with the inevitable initial rejections by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, by filing the necessary amendments and requests for continued patent examination.

Patent Opinions

The firm also provides research and investigative opinions. The non-infringement opinion (or right-to-practice opinion), is design to inform small business owners about the possibility of his/her patent infringing on other existing patents. The patentability opinion, on the other hand, informs our clients about the likelihood that their invention will be approved for a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We can also provide a validity opinion, designed to investigate and to determine the validity of your opponent's patent. All things considered, although patent opinions are not required, they are highly recommended. They are used to uncover, early in the patent application process, whether or not the invention is patentable; knowledge that can certainly save any small business a lot of money in the long run.    

Patent Infringement Issues & Litigation

It is not uncommon that a large corporation in their quest for a new, and profitable idea, ignores small business owner's protected invention. When the situation arises, our firm is ready to support our clients by initiating, or defending against, patent infringement accusations. The services offered by the firm also include post-grant proceedings, such as reexamination, reissue and appellate hearings before USPTO, federal and state courts.

Patent Licenses & Assignments

The undisputed fact is that many small businesses are undercapitalized. With the limited funds, the continued development or production and marketing of an invention, may simply not be possible. In such situations, a prudent business decision is to consider the licensing, or assignment of the ownership to other interest party. Be that as it may, our law firm excels at formulating, preparing and executing patent licenses and assignment agreements. We help our clients negotiate a desirable price, complete all the necessary legal documents and register any patent ownership changes.

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