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About Patent Practice
Comprehensive Patent Services

STEVEN IVY P.C. provides a comprehensive set of patent-related services, from drafting and prosecution of patent applications to vigorous litigation, both designed to firmly protect our clients' intellectual property rights. The services offered by the firm also include reexamination, reissue, interference, appellate proceedings before USPTO and the Federal Court. In addition, the firm helps clients with development of strategically-oriented intellectual property portfolios and its management.

Provisional Patent Applications

The firm helps clients to prepare, and to file, provisional application. The provisional application's main purpose is to reserve a place in line (a filing date), providing an additional twelve months of time during which a utility application must be filed. This twelve month period can be utilized to make minor improvements to the invention, finalize the business strategy or to strengthen the necessary financing for the invention.

Non-Provisional Patent Applications

The law firm also prepares and files non-provisional applications, commonly referred to as a patent application because it leads to an acquisition of a patent. Unlike the provisional application, the non-provisional application is examined thoroughly by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Foreign and PCT Patent Applications

In addition to domestic applications (provisional and non-provisional applications defined above), the firm is always prepared to file and prosecute applications originated abroad. The firm handles applications from various continents, including Europe and Asia. By the same token, the firm helps clients that wish to protect their inventions internationally by filing Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. The firm handles international filing by utilizing its international connections with various local attorneys and consultants, and by providing an ongoing international portfolio management.

Utility Patents

Utility patents protect any useful machine, item of manufacture, process, composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof. The utility patent is the most commonly applied for intellectual property protector. Our law firm helps clients secure utility patents in a variety of technological fields, from mechanical to electrical, and pharmaceutical, down to energy, software and communication systems, we are confident in our ability to help.

Design Patents

A design patent protects the ornamental design (appearance) of a useful item. Thus, unlike the utility patent that protects the functionality of an invention, the purpose of a design patent is to protect the visual aspects of an invention. Our firm helps clients to secure even the most complex design patents. Although the design patents are generally narrow is scope, the firm guides clients, both domestically and abroad, on how to expand its protective application. Our approach is straightforward, founded on budget consciousness and efficiency.

Plant Patent

A plant patent protects a distinct and new variety of plant that was asexually reproduced,  other than a tuber propagated plant or a plant found in an uncultivated state. Similarly to the utility patent, a plant patent protects inventor's rights for 20 years from the date of filing the application. Plant patents are the least common, however, our firm possesses a great understanding of its application, and helps clients with both preparation and the filing process.

Invention Clearance

Our firm can also accommodate clients that want a clearance search conducted on their invention. A clearance search can be performed on issued patents and pending applications to determine if any given invention infringes on other's intellectual rights. The result of a search is a formal product clearance opinion. In addition to non-infringement opinions (also known as right to practice opinions), the firm provides patentability opinions designed to establish the likelihood of patent grant, and validity opinions focusing on determining the validity of any competitive patents.

Expedited Patent Examinations

The expedited examination, although quite complex, can accelerate the prosecution process of patent application. In technological fields where frequent product development is a necessity, the expedited examination is an invaluable tool utilized as often as possible. Our law firm has an intimate knowledge of the expedited patent examination process. We help clients from various technological fields to speed up the patent prosecution process, and quickly introduce their products to the market.

IP Portfolio Development and Management

The strategic intellectual property portfolio development, and its continuous management, is a meticulously cultivated specialty of STEVEN IVY P.C. The firm develops and maintains portfolios containing both domestic and international intellectual property components. Our portfolio services begin with thorough understanding of our clients business objectives. We provide continuous advice on possible acquisition, or liquidation, of any necessary intellectual property that would help support our clients' long and short-term business goals.

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