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About IP Litigation Practice
Comprehensive Litigation Practice

Our firm provides a comprehensive litigation practice to clients from various technological fields. From software and internet, to manufacturing and industrial products, down to cell phone technology, we offer a vigorous legal representation in the court of law. The firm can represent clients in Federal, State Courts, including International Trade Commission and the Patent and Trademark Office. We implement creative techniques to present our client's cases, maintain a network of expert witnesses, and provide direct updates to all parties privy to such information.  

Patent Litigation

Our firm is always prepared to represent clients in patent infringement cases. We understand the challenges, and the frustrations, our clients experience when confronted with patent interference issues. STEVEN IVY P.C. has an in-depth knowledge of patent-litigation procedures, and technological expertise, necessary to fight for our clients' desired results.

Trademark Litigation

As with patent litigation, the firm provides a vigorous representation in situations where our client's brand name has been temporarily, or permanently, damaged. In many cases, the unchallenged trademark infringement situation leads to damages much greater than those caused by an infringement on a patent. Here, the entire company and all of its product are in jeopardy. Our firm possesses the legal and the technical knowledge, necessary to bring a stop to trademark infringements and to recover the well deserved damages.

Copyright Litigation

Although copyright creation is effortless, applies automatically upon creation of the protected work, the actual enforcement of these rights invites a plethora of complex legal issues. Be that as it may, our law firm has the expertise to help clients who's literary, artistic or technical work has been misappropriated. We also protect those who have been unjustly accused of misappropriation of works protected by the copyright law. Contact our office for more information, we are confident in our ability to help.

Unfair Competition and False Advertising Litigation

Unfair competition law grants offensive rights to companies and individuals that are not provided by patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret laws. The main reason behind this advantage is the source of the applicable law. Unlike patents or trademarks, unfair competition is governed by common law, federal false designation and state unfair competition statutes. The main focus here is the unjust enrichment of another party from purposeful action that caused buyers to confuse product or services offered by one company, with products or services provided by another company. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps clients fight unfair competition practices. Using the unfair practices laws, we help clients to protect their advertising campaigns, design specifications and many other distinctive business ideas that give their businesses competitive edge.

Trade Secrets Litigation

Not every idea is patentable. In fact, most of the information that businesses consider vital to their success cannot be patented or trademarked. The only alternative, in many situations, is to maintain and guard this information as trade secrets. This information may include price lists, customer lists, food formulas, manufacturing processes or chemical recipes. Trade secrets are typically protected by confidentiality agreements, and the offensive rights provided by trade secrets last for as long as the secrets is maintained. STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in protecting trade secrets. We know how to deal with breach of confidentiality agreements, abuses of the Economic Espionage Act, or violations of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. We help our clients maintain their trade secrets, and if necessary, we fight on their behalf to compensate them for losses caused by a breach.   

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