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PRACTICE provides

a comprehensive

GUIDANCE on what

to patent, when and

at what COST.

...patent portfolio development
About IP Consulting Practice
Patent Decisions

Our firm consults clients on all aspects of patent law. From the legal rights granted to patent owners, down to the marketing aspect of their invention, we educate our clients on all the pitfalls and the benefits associated with owning a patent. We advise our clients on what should be patents and when. We educate our clients about the costs of obtaining and maintaining patents. Our patent practice is comprehensive in its nature, providing our clients with all the tools necessary to successful patent acquisitions.

Patent Drawings

It is not unusual that some inventors, or small organizations, have difficulty expressing their ideas on paper. Creation of a comprehensible engineering drawing can poses an even greater challenge to them. We understand this  frustrating portion of the patent process, and are ready to help. Regardless of the complexity of the invention, our firm helps clients to document their invention, and to create all the necessary engineering drawings. For further information contact our office, we are confident in our ability to help.

IP Portfolio Development

Not all patent or trademark owners think of their scarce and unconnected IP possessions as an interrelated IP portfolio. In fact, many patented ideas that failed initially to generated the desired gains, are pushed aside. And, when a new idea comes into focus, the old IP assets get ignored. With today's high maintenance fees, an unutilized IP asset will become a financial burden, leading to its  abandonment. Our firm helps clients to avoid the waste of IP assets, by organizing them into a coherent portfolio, reevaluating their value, and eliminating any unwanted components of it. For an in-depth analysis of your organization's IP portfolio, contact our office and schedule a confidential consultation.

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