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on both domestic 
IP assets


IP Portfolio Development & Management

STEVEN IVY P.C. provides a wide range of intellectual property services, specifically tailored to a fast-paced, highly competitive, corporate environment. Our firm works with clients from diverse technological areas. We help clients research, plan, create, protect and manage, their IP property both domestically and internationally.

Patent, Trademark & Copyright - Domestic & International

The firm's patent, trademark and copyright services are comprehensive in its scope, and efficient in its execution. We counsel our clients on all the benefits and the pitfalls of patent, and trademark law. We prepare and file provisional, non-provisional, foreign and PCT patent applications. We provide guidance through the patent prosecution process, conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or other patent offices located abroad. To protect our clients' IP assets, we can initiate an interference proceeding, and if necessary, we are prepared to vigorously defend our clients against interference accusations made by others.

Opinions & Investigative Services

To avoid legal problems, and to ensure that our clients do not continue investing into IP assets that infringe on the existing patents, our firm provides formal opinions, research and investigative services. The research services include an in-depth exploration and analysis of all pertinent prior art, that could alter, disrupt, or delay the development of the new IP asset. We also investigate the validity of competing patents and trademarks, to avoid legal conflicts and to ensure our clients' competitive edge. The results of our research are summarized in non-infringement, validity or right-to-practice reports, specifically designed to help our corporate clients make informed decisions.

IP Transactions & Acquisitions

Our transactional practice focuses on helping our corporate clients complete transfers, and acquisitions, of various IP assets. We help clients to create, and to execute, noncompeting agreements, joint development agreements, licensing and assignment agreements, including research and development agreements. Among the most common are internal product development and patent application assignments, designed to seamlessly transfer the ownership between the employees and their employer. The firm is also efficient at executing commercial license transactions, intended to generate revenue, while maintaining a strong IP portfolio that meets our clients' objectives.

Post-Grant Proceedings

STEVEN IVY P.C. operates a comprehensive, and efficient, post-grant proceedings practice. The firm is well versed in all the recent procedural changes, imposed by the America Invents Act. We can help clients defend, or initiate, ex parte reexaminations, derivation proceedings, inter partes or post-grant reviews. Our firm works closely with attorneys thought the country, to provide our clients with a vigorous representation in front of the newly formed Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

The firm consults clients on various aspects of trade secrets and unfair competition. We understand the frustration associated with misappropriation of vital business information, and the harm caused by unfair competition. We help clients deal with breaches of confidentiality agreements, abuses of the Economic Espionage Act, or violations of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

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