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About IP Transactions
Solutions for the Most Common, and the Most Unique Transactions

STEVEN IVY P.C. provides comprehensive IP services, helping our clients with both the most common, and the most unique IP transactions. The firm consults clients on IP-related issues during mergers and acquisitions. We provide sophisticated due diligence services. We help clients to formulate, negotiate and draft IP assignments, licenses, joint development and nondisclosure agreements, including commercialization and research agreements. Even the transactions with the highest level of complexity, are quickly and efficiently executed, providing our clients with timely information, allowing them to make knowledgeable decisions about their IP assets. If your organization needs assistance with IP transactions, contact our office, we are confident in our ability to help.

IP Purchase and Sale Agreements

STEVEN IVY P.C. possess a deep understanding of the contract law. The firm assists clients with the purchase and sale of IP assets. Combined with our due diligence efforts, the firm ensures that our clients recognize the true value of the portfolio involved in the transaction before the deal is finalized. We draft customized, clear, easily understandable purchase and sale agreements, and help our clients negotiate the final approval. Our services are precise and cost-effective, adding value to our clients' exiting IP portfolio. For an in-depth analysis of your situation, contact our office and schedule a confidential consultation.

IP Assignments

Under the current law, every patent application must be filed in the name of a true inventor. Thus, every organization that is involved in patenting of their work, must ensure that their employees sign an assignment agreement. However, assignment agreements come in many forms and variations. Assignments can be used to convey titles to basic, provisional or continuing applications. Some assignments assign only partial interest, others provide variable schedules of profitability or restrict the distribution of related products. Be that as it may, STEVEN IVY P.C. handles assignments of diverse complexities for clients from various technological areas. From the most routine assignments, to the most unique IP transfers occurring during divestitures, mergers  and acquisitions, our firm helps clients to efficiently complete every IP transaction.

IP Licensing

In some circumstances, organizations or individual inventors, find it most beneficial to license their invention, instead of engaging into production or further development of it. STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in drafting IP license agreements. We have the necessary knowledge to help our clients with the initial bidding process, technical negotiations and preparation of all the necessary legal documents. Our firm also provides the license agreement management services. This unique service, ensures that all the provisions of the license agreement are continuously followed, allowing our clients to draw the agreed upon benefits, well into the future.

IP Joint Development Agreements

IP joint development agreement is a written contract between multiple parties, designed to outline each parties' responsibilities during the research, development and production processes; and typically includes various specifications addressing commercial exploitation and division of financial gains. All things considered, joint development agreements can grow into an extensive, and quite complex legal documents, containing multiple legal issues. STEVEN IVY P.C. specialize in formulating and implementing joint development agreements. Our practice focuses on accuracy, completeness and efficiently. We find and implement even the smallest provisions that support our clients' objectives. Through our network of foreign associates, we can help clients design and place into practice development agreements between international companies and their subsidiaries. No project is too small, or too big. We would be happy to assist your organization, so contact our office for more information.

IP Nondisclosure Agreements

Theft of trade secret can be halted by a court injunction (court order). The injunction can remain in force until misappropriation is eliminated. However, before any misappropriation occurs, other legal tools could be implemented. The most common is the nondisclosure agreement (or confidentiality agreement). It is a legal document that prevents disclosure of your trade secret. Our law firm has an in-depth understanding of nondisclosure agreements. We create customized agreements, implementing provisions specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. Contact STEVEN IVY P.C. for further information on how a customized nondisclosure agreement can help your organization.

IP Due Diligence Search and Investigations

Whether your organization is in the process of selling or buying IP assets, an in-depth due diligence process will be vital to the final success of the transaction. Our firm is well equipped to provide an excellent search and investigative due diligence services. We investigate IP portfolios and provide freedom to operate opinions. From patents to trademarks and copyrights, down to prior agreements, IP dockets and court records, our search is precise and meticulous in its nature. Our analysis of all the retrieved information, ensures that our clients have a full understanding of the content, and the value, of all the IP assets involved in the transaction.    

IP Assets Valuations and Risk Assessments

Organizations involved in development, or acquisition, of intellectual property must understand any and all possible threats to their IP assets. If the warnings of possible infringement on a competing patent is not received in time, all the efforts and the costs associated with R&D, production and marketing will be squandered. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps organizations to avoid unnecessary losses by providing comprehensive risk assessment services. We develop information identifying possible threats, provide well structured reports with analysis that can be utilized by organization's management to alter the collision course. Our services are efficient and cost-effective. For further information contact our office, we're confident in our ability to help.

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