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The firm's mission is to provide high quality, customized intellectual property services to all of our clients. We accomplish this by developing, and maintaining, strong professional partnerships with our clients. These partnerships which are founded on our comprehensive understanding of our clients' daily business functions, and the challenges they face. This understanding is incorporated into our legal practices to help our clients accomplish their short, and long-term, business objectives.


Corporations, small businesses and individuals, are the three distinct groups of clients counseled by our law firm. This grouping was developed to better serve our clients, by recognizing that each group has a different scope of operations, and therefore, each group deals with different operational restrictions exposing them to different legal obstacles.






The firm's legal services have global outreach. Although functioning as a solo practice, the firm through its professional alliances, is able to provide a wide range of legal services to clients within the United States and abroad. Whenever appropriate, the firm can rely upon attorneys from different jurisdictions, including scientists, engineers and consultants both domestically and abroad.   



The firm provides legal services to clients from various technological fields. From medical and dental devices, to software, e-commerce and cell phone technology, down to electrical, mechanical and biotechnology, our firm's legal counsel is both efficient and cost-conscious. Accordingly, we reach out to professionals from different fields only on as needed basis, eliminating any waste and creating cost benefits that are transferred to our clients.




STEVEN IVY P.C. is a law firm specializing in acquisition, protection and management of intellectual property. The firm is a result of my passion for the engineering and the law. My experience spans back over twenty-five years. During this time I held various positions, including those of numerical controls programmer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, applications engineer, technical sales advisor, project manager and president of my own consulting company. Throughout those years, I was able to interact with inventors from numerous technological fields, helping them to patent their inventions, while expanding my understanding of the tedious inventive process. As a president of my own company, I was able to acquire a valuable experience in trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property concepts.


I have a firsthand knowledge of the efforts, and sacrifices, that presidents and business owners put forth to make their companies successful. It is this real-world experience, that makes me uniquely qualified as a patent attorney.


I have earned two undergraduate degrees, one in electronics engineering technology and the other in mechanical design. I have also earned three graduate degrees,  which include a masters degree in business administration, a masters degree in  project management and a law degree from The Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan. I'm admitted to practice in the State of Illinois, and I'm also a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. I'm a member of both the American Bar Association, and the Illinois Bar Association.



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