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Firm's Practice Areas
...specializing in patents, trademarks & copyrights
IP Services for Corporations, Small Businesses and Individuals

STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in intellectual property law. The firm's legal services are particularly structured to separately address the needs of large and medium-size corporations, small businesses as well as individual inventors and entrepreneurs. This approach was implemented to recognize the differences in the available resources and the verifying scope of projects undertaking by each of those entities.

Broad Range of Technological Disciplines

The firm provides legal services to a broad range of technological disciplines, including: alternative energy, computer hardware, cell phone technology, consumer products, biotechnology, business methods, chemical sciences, e-commerce, electrical, electromechanical, energy, financial services, green technology, industrial, internet, manufacturing, mechanical, media & entertainment, medical devices, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, physics/optics, plants, semiconductors and software.

Specializing in Patent Prosecution and Litigation

The general focus of the firm can be subdivided into two categories. The patent prosecution category, where the primary focus is the patent application processing, approval, and associated with it litigation. The litigation category focuses on the process of protecting or enforcing patent rights in the court of law.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

The firm's prosecution work focuses on patents, trademarks and copyrights. Within those broad categories of intellectual property the firm provides services related to licensing issues (software specifically and patents in general), trade secrets relating to formulas and technological processes, business processes, IP ownership disputes, infringement resolutions, enforceability, unfair competition, intellectual property audits, confidentiality and work-for-hire agreements.

Intellectual Property Opinions

When requested, the firm provides clients with intellectual property opinions, such as: patentability opinion (establishes whether the new idea might be entitled to patent protection), non-infringement and right to practice opinions (establish whether the new idea might infringe on an existing patents) and invalidity opinion (establishes whether a patent held by others/competitor is valid).

Domestic and Global Associations

The firm's intellectual property practice has formulated close working relationships with attorneys, scientists and educators both domestically and internationally. Their unique expertise could be utilized to resolve domestic intellectual property complexities, or to guarantee smooth patent prosecution internationally.

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