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At Steven Ivy P.C., we adeptly and effectively advise individual investors on various patent types, providing comprehensive insights into associated costs and benefits. Our proficiency in utility, plant, and design patents enables us to assist clients in navigating the most streamlined path to patent completion  > > >


As a licensed patent attorney, Steven Ivy specializes in all facets of intellectual property, encompassing trademarks and copyrights. Recognizing the financial constraints often faced by small businesses he is providing affordable services, and extends reduced fees for in-office consultations to better cater to the needs of his clients   > > >

Steven Ivy P.C. offers a comprehensive array of intellectual property services, designed to meet the demands of a dynamic and competitive corporate landscape. Collaborating with clients across diverse technological domains, our firm assists in researching, planning, creating, protecting, and managing their intellectual property assets   > > >

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